How can lawyers and accountants do business development from home?

The most effective source of new work for lawyers and accountants is the relationships they have with their clients and their professional contacts.  But, as we won’t be able to get out to see anyone for the next few weeks, how can we keep those relationships going?


How are we supposed to do business development?


The short answer is you will need to adopt a new type of personal BD plan and that plan will have to be based on the 3 business development tools we still have access to - our phones, our ability to write new content and our LinkedIn accounts.


On this site you’ll find lots of top tips to help you get the most from your phone, content and social media during the next few weeks so please help yourself.


And if you need a bit more help, we are now offering a free 30 minute BD planning session over the phone.  If you’d like to book one, please email us today.