Do you want to get more from your phone?

As we can’t get out and about at the moment, meeting up for coffee, drinks, lunch or breakfast is no longer an option and networking events have been placed on hold for the foreseeable future.


However, that doesn't mean marketing and BD is any less important for layers and accountants.  In fact, business development arguably even more important if your practice and your relationships are going to emerge in the best shape from this enforced break in our face-to-face marketing activities.


The good news is we all have one tool we can use to stay in touch - our phones. 


Whether you are willing to experiment with video calls or feel more comfortable with a good old fashioned phone call, your phone has just become your most invaluable business development tool.  HowtodoBDfromhome brings together a wealth of practical tips that will help you get the maximum value from your phone over the next few months.


Please help yourself to our top tips and take a look at our very short videos to find out how to get the most from your phone.


Or if you would like to discuss how to adapt your personal business development plan to meet the demands of the next few months, please email us today and we can arrange a time to talk.