These may be strange times but if lawyers and accountants are going to protect your practices, they still need to do BD.

The only problem is, if you can’t get out to see people surely you can’t do business development? 

At Size 10½ Boots we believe you definitely can.  You just need to do it a bit differently and that is why we’ve designed this site. 


On HowtodoBDfromhome we examine the 3 essential BD tools lawyers and accountants have at their disposal (your phone, your ability to write and your social media channels) and explain how to use all 3 stay visible to your clients, contacts and targets and who knows …

… you may even start some new conversations!




Size 10½ Boots is a business development agency that specialises in helping professional service firms grow.


Since 2005 we have helped more than 200 law firms, accountancy practices, intellectual property firms, barristers’ chambers and architects refresh their approach to marketing and business development.  Our sole aim is to make sure our clients are best placed to win more new clients and more work from the clients they already have.


Up until now, we did that by finding the right combination of tactical advice, new ideas, training, coaching, client research and tender and copywriting support.   However, recent events have forced us to find new ways to help our clients and find them fast.


This website brings together some of the approaches we’ve been working on, suggestions that we hope will help you stay visible so you maintain your practice during what will undoubtedly be a tough couple of months.


This is how we think you can do BD while you can’t do BD.



  Your 3 objectives  


Get more from the phone

While we can’t meet up, your phone is going to become your primary business development tool. 


The first rule is to phone clients and contacts instead of emailing whenever possible. 


You’ll achieve even more if you can shortlist the people you could reconnect with (and we’ll explain how you come up with a credible reason to make those calls). 


For an even more personal touch, you can also experiment with video calls using FaceTime and free apps like Zoom, Teams, Skype and Houseparty.


Get more from your content

More than ever, people are going to be searching Google for answers to some very specific questions.


This means that in order to keep your name and your firm near the top of the results, you’re going to have to produce a steady flow of new content.  

We’ll explain how you can choose the right topics and present them in the right way, so you catch the search engines’ attention and to engage your readers when they find you.


We’ll also look at how to get even more from your finished articles by being a little more savvy when you're sharing and promoting the links.


Get more from social media

Used properly (and regularly) your LinkedIn account is probably the most cost- and time-efficient way to stay visible.


We’ll explain how you can get more from LinkedIn without having to spend a great deal of time ...


... unless you want to of course in which case we’ll suggest how you can get even more from your profile. 


We’ll also share some shortcuts so you have a regular flow of relevant updates to post and explain how you can make your profile a bit more ‘findable’ to take advantage of the extra time people will be spending on social media.   



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